A Rainy, Sleety and Even Snowy Competition Day


Our First Hunter Derby Competition and battling Mother Nature at the same time!

Cadence and Spartan gave another try to something new.  A Hunter Derby where they were scored on 2 different courses and the top 12 were called back for the final third course.  Our team was called back and placed in the top 12 receiving a neck sash ribbon, a ribbon style new to their ever growing collection.  Doesn’t Spartan look handsome even in hot pink!  They did well considering the weather wasn’t co-operating, they were freezing cold and they competed in a new place against all new people of all levels and ages.  This kind of weather made us realize what’s a coming, but our team had already decided they were going to take a break over the winter in showing and give themselves a well deserved rest.  Looking forward to seeing them compete in their next year of showing!