Spartan’s Fourth Show

A very full weekend for our team. ¬†The MANE man (Spartan) was calm and confident for the most part and Cadence skillfully worked him into 2 firsts, 2 seconds, a fifth and a sixth along with a division champion. ¬†Great job ! For being new to the show scene you guys are rocking it…


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Spartan’s Third Show

Beautiful day to tie up a first and two third place finishes in this packed class. It ended up being a long day to get every one through but hey… who said it was a bad thing to sit in the sunshine with a cool summer breeze blowing and watch horses jumping for the day!

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Spartan’s Second Show

We were aiming for the 2′ jump but the competition was MUCH larger in the 18″ jump division so we decided to enter at that level. Lots of great riders today and our team still came out with a 2nd, two 3rds, and a 4th. Very impressive for a team that is new to the show world. Congrats again! Next show is in a couple of weeks and we plan to enter the 2′ class.

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Spartan’s First Show

Congratulations to Cadence and Spartan on a great first show!!

With a 1st , 2nd , 3rd , 4th and reserve champion of their division, Cadence and Spartan had a fantastic debut. Next show will be in a couple of weeks, they will move to a higher level and jump 2 ft next show. Wish them luck.

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