Pink Carnival Show August 26


Everywhere you looked today you saw PINK! Pink Shirts, Pink bows, pink flowers, pink saddle pads, pink paint, pink glitter.. all for fun for Pink Carnival Show Day.  A lot of riders participated by dressing themselves in pink along with adorning their horses with it.  Our team had good spirits with it and looked great (even though this Cadence’s least favourite colour, too girly).  They also participated in the Hunter Pair Course with a friend and her paint with the team name Paint Us Pink, they jumped one jump together and then followed each other through the rest of the jumps, a fun and busy day.  We left with a 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 2-6th place ribbons.

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Galvanized Stock Tank Pool News

    So you have been thinking about getting a GALVANIZED STOCK TANK POOL, you know that they have been the new worldwide rage these past few summers and you really like the look.  So whether you call it a “hillbilly hot tub”  a “redneck pool” or a “stock tank pool” you can not deny that they are a fun, impressively simple rustic throwback to the good old fashioned country lifestyle and it would look incredible in your backyard right over there, go ahead and look out your window where it is going to go, it’s ok.  Galvanized stock tank pools look AMAZING inside and out and when a good one starts around 175 bucks, they are as attractive to your wallet as they are to your eyes. This new trend is bringing out A LOT of questions so we thought that putting an article together to answer the most common questions would help.

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Another HOT Show – August 6th

Another hot Holiday Monday found us seeking shade once again at our horse show. 

Our team puts a lot of work into preparing for these shows.  The day before there is hours spent bathing, cleaning tack and braiding 32 little braids and bumping them up getting ready for the Hunter Ring, but Spartan looks so handsome doesn’t he!  Then we have a very early start on show day waking up before the sun has even risen.  We went home with 1-1st, 1-2nd, 1-4th and 2-5th place ribbons. Big thanks for all the hard work you guys!

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