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    So you have been thinking about getting a GALVANIZED STOCK TANK POOL, you know that they have been the new worldwide rage these past few summers and you really like the look.  So whether you call it a “hillbilly hot tub”  a “redneck pool” or a “stock tank pool” you can not deny that they are a fun, impressively simple rustic throwback to the good old fashioned country lifestyle and it would look incredible in your backyard right over there, go ahead and look out your window where it is going to go, it’s ok.  Galvanized stock tank pools look AMAZING inside and out and when a good one starts around 175 bucks, they are as attractive to your wallet as they are to your eyes. This new trend is bringing out A LOT of questions so we thought that putting an article together to answer the most common questions would help.

1. How hard is it to move? Will it fit through my gate? How do I get it home?

Well hold on a second, that is 3 questions no?  Technically yes it is, however they all can be answered together so we thought we would group them here.  With an average weight of around 150 pounds and a circular design, these round tanks are very easy to standup on end and roll around making them quite moveable.  Next, with a width of 24 inches they go through normal 48 inch wide gates with ease, however keep in mind that if you have some sort of crossbar across the top of your gate you will be limited to the size of the tank to fit under it unless you have an alternative way to get the larger tanks into your backyard.  Standing up an 11-foot tank makes it 11 feet tall.  So finally, how to get that massive tank to your house … thats easy, WE DELIVER!

2. Why should I buy a tank from

Because it’s the right thing to do! … Seriously though, there are many differences between our tanks and the competition.  First and foremost WE HAVE BIGGER TANKS!!  We are Canada’s exclusive Hastings tank distributor … that means we carry 3 foot all the way up to 11-foot diameter tanks … no one else in Canada has this except us.  Next, the overall quality of the tank, don’t be fooled by some misleading wording, a “20 gauge bottom tank” is not a true 20 gauge tank.  Most tanks have a 20 gauge bottom only with 22 gauge (thinner) sides … once they roll, form and bend those sides they will stretch out to somewhere around 24 gauge (which is really thin) … OUR TANKS ARE ALL 20 GUAGE G90 galvanized steel!  Don’t forget that our tanks are built to withstand the abuse of 1500 pound animals, they will easily withstand nominal use as a backyard pool or flower bed.  Here are a few key features to keep in mind while shopping for your galvanized steel stock tank.


     Start with the seam … what is the quality and neatness of the seams, notice that our seams are not riveted together then sealed from the outside like other tanks.  Our hot melt sealer is placed in-between the overlap then spot welded together which gives superior leak prevention, strength and finish.







    The next feature of our tanks we would like to focus on that is very important when using them for a backyard pool, is the rounded lip. The wall of the tank is wrapped around a small pipe that is around the top of the tank. Most of the other tanks just fold the lip over itself which leaves a fairly sharp edge at the top.





      A simple thing like a proper drain plug is missing on some tanks, other tanks use a cheap plastic plug that cracks or leaks. Our steel plugs provide a leak free seal that is easily removed for drainage. Common thread sizes allow for plastic adapters and pipe or hose to be used for circulation or redirection of the water flow when draining.



3. How do you keep the water clean and the slime from building up around the edges?

That green water or slime on the sides is algae … its water … it happens, even if you can’t see it it is there making things slippery and working very hard to make your pool look gross.  Don’t be alarmed though, it is totally preventable and treatable.  First thing, remove all organic matter like grass, leaves or little critters that have drowned with a pool net of some sort.  Then we recommend adding a small amount of liquid chlorine to the water to kill the algae, we don’t recommend chlorine pucks unless you put them into a puck floater of some sort as a chlorine puck sitting on the galvanized steel will cause the galvanized coating to be eaten away, exposing the bare steel below it and allowing it to rust.  

    With this in mind, take it easy on the chlorine, don’t add too much chemical as chlorine is corrosive, so a chlorine test kit is an absolute necessity.  If you are planning to leave the water in the pool for a long period of time then we definitely recommend that you visit any local pool place and set yourself up with a decent water testing kit like this one so you can maintain the PH of your water.  






    A small pump and filter like this one, or an aerator is a great idea as well and will help keep your pool that much cleaner.  One of the best things with this type of pool is that if the water gets too gross for whatever reason, just unscrew the plug, drain, and refill.




4. What about rust?

G90 galvanized steel is VERY rust-resistant under normal conditions as long as the coating remains intact, with this in mind go back to question #3 and reread the part about chlorine being corrosive. Too much chlorine will wreck a galvanized stock tank in 1 summer if you fail to follow those recommendations … GO BACK AND RE-READ QUESTION NUMBER THREE NOW … I’ll wait for you … for aesthetics and rust prevention you can also have a custom pool liner built for your tank from any pool place however that defeats the purpose of putting a drain in the bottom.

5. What about bugs and mosquitoes?

It’s common knowledge that standing water is a breeding site for mosquitoes and other bugs.  A pump like we mentioned above will keep the water moving and filtered along with properly balanced clean and chlorinated water, this shouldn’t be an issue.  If bugs are still bugging you then install mosquito netting over the tank or add mosquito dunks to your chlorine puck floater.

6. Does the pool get too hot?

WHAT IS TOO HOT? … steel tanks attract a lot of heat if placed in direct sunlight and the upper lip could cause a burn on your skin if you sat on it or leaned on it, however the galvanized stock tank pool itself can easily withstand boiling water.  Perfect if you want a hot tub, not so great if you are trying to cool off on that 110-degree day.  So we figure the proper answer for this question is NO the water in these tanks cannot get TOO HOT that the tank will be damaged.  But if your concerned about the heat we recommend locating your pool in the shade or part shady area, if no shade is to be found using a ‘sun sail’ or cantilever umbrella to break up the intense heat of the sun.  With that said we would like to point out that steel tanks quickly lose a lot of heat when the air is cool so you may want to invest in an inline hot water heater to help with leveling out the temperature fluctuations of the water.  While we are on the topic of heat we would like to remind you that warm or hot water needs more chemicals to remain balanced and chlorine will be burned off faster allowing those gross algae that we talked about earlier to grow quicker.  The warmer the water is, the more attention and care it needs to keep it clean.  Finally, what about that hot metal ring around the top?  Try a sliced pool noodle or foam pipe insulation wrap around the top edge. 

7. What do we do with them during the winter?

This has to be the best part of owning a stock tank pool.  Don’t forget that these tanks are designed to sit outside giving water to your animals all year long.  Winterizing is a snap … pull the drain plug and turn it over … DONE!  If you have built it into a patio or something and cannot turn it over just pull the plug and leave it out … you will have a bit of clean up in the spring but nothing that a bit of soap and water won’t take care of.  Other options are rolling it over to the barn or lean it against the house or garage, these are capable of taking a lot of abuse, don’t be afraid to dish it out a little.


With all this information coming at you it might seem overwhelming.  So if you feel that way right now remember that a lot of the tips above are for more advanced installations so we would like to take you back to the basics.  A galvanized stock tank pool is the toughest, most simple thing to take care of … If the water gets dirty, drain and refill …  If the water is too warm, add cold water …  If the water is too cold, add warm water … If you are on a well and don’t pay for using water then drain and refill as often as needed and when you’re done with it for the season flip it over. You will absolutely spend more time enjoying your galvanized stock tank pool than you will be maintaining it, all that is left for you to do is buy one HERE.

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