More Than Just the Ribbons

Working hard for those ribbons at the shows does add up and does pay off. Those ribbons they win each show and Cadence hangs up in her room to proudly display are more than just fancy, pretty colours, each ribbon has it’s value. All ribbons are worth different points that get recorded and tallied up to figure out who earned the most points and also attended 3 shows to be named Champion of that division. The points for each ribbon are also determined by how many competitors you compete against in each of your divisions, so more competitors, more points for each ribbon won. At the year end the Champion and Reserve Champion not only get a bigger ribbon but they also receive something else.

In the first picture Spartan and Cadence are proudly displaying one of their grey coolers they received for being Champions in their divisions at the one summer series. And below is Cadence who got to get dressed up along with family and friends for a Year End Banquet for their other summer series. Here she is all smiles with her big ribbons and a beautiful wooden saddle holder she received for being Champion in her division. She also received a garment bag for being Reserve Champion.

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