Koyker and Legend Loaders

Koyker Mfg. has a large selection of loaders, mounts and attachments to fit most tractors including John Deere, Case IH, New Holland, Kubota, McCormick and more.  Each loader is custom built for you including colour matching paint to your tractor.  In a few easy steps you will be on your way to owning one of these fine loaders.

Step #1   Start with our TRACTOR QUICK REFERENCE GUIDE to find the loader that fits your specific tractor.

Step #2   Select what adapter style you require. Here are the 4 different styles that are available…. Note that not EVERY style is available with EVERY loader.

 EURO/GLOBAL              KOYKER FAST            SKID STEER              JOHN DEERE


Here are some of the most common questions asked about Koyker and Legend Loader attachments.

Q. What is euro style attachment?

A. A euro style attachment is characterized by two large mounting hooks on its backside, towards the top edge; two dedicated loading areas towards the bottom edge and two small diameter eyelets also towards the bottom edge. The mating “carriage” or adapter will typically have one large diameter mounting bar across the top to match the mounting hooks of the attachment. The adapter will also have a large diameter bar along the bottom to push on the attachments loading area. Two small 20 mm (13/64”) engagement pins, horizontally positioned will typically be spring loaded to engage the eyelets of the attachment acting as a locking mechanism.

Q. What is the difference between euro style attachments and global style attachments?

A. “Global” style is John Deere’s nomenclature for the industry standard “euro” style.

Q. What is a Koyker Fast Attach attachment?

A. Koyker’s fast attach style has a pocket along the top edge and dedicated loading areas at the bottom. Vertically positioned locking pins are spring loaded to engage with plates at the bottom of the attachment.

Step #3   Select from the categories below to find the loader, part or attachment that suits your needs.