Poly Water Tanks

    These are the most rugged poly tanks on the market. They feature a closed-lip design that is incredibly strong and won’t buckle to crowding livestock. It is the first and only lip of its kind on the market. Each tank is made of 100% high density virgin polyethylene so the tanks won’t rust or corrode. They are resistant to feedlot acids and are compounded to resist UV damage and cracking from the sun. 2′ deep tanks have a screw-in drain plug and all the tanks come standard in Hastings Grey. 

    We offer a full line of sizes to meet your needs. We are the only tank manufacturer in the world that currently offers a 10′ poly tank. At 1,100 gallons, it has almost as much capacity as a 10′ steel tank. All of our poly tanks are designed to stack and come with a 3-year warranty on material and workmanship.

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