HiQual Flex Connector Strap


HiQual Flex Connector replacement rubber ONLY for HiQual Flex panels and round pens.  You will need to use the steel hook from your old connectors.  If new hooks are needed you can purchase the complete flex connector HERE.

715 in stock (can be backordered)


More about HiQual Flex Connectors

The HiQual flex connector connects any panel up to 2″ in diameter to provide a tight, safe connection point with less than 1″ gap between panels.  Flex Connectors also act as shock absorbers between panels as each connector flexes to help reduce stress on panels and livestock.


  • Ideal for rough terrain.
  • Universal connection with no adapters (up to 2″ diameter).
  • UV inhibitors for longer life.
  • Locks into post on panel.
  • Virtually all noise is eliminated.
  • Easily replaced if damaged.
  • No sharp edges when connected.

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