Hay Hut Covered Horse Feeder


The original HAY HUT is an all-weather, enclosed horse hay feeder that significantly reduces the amount of wasted hay when feeding horses from economical large round hay bales!

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Make no mistake! This is the ORIGINAL Hay hut covered horse feeder which is the most robust, durable, UV stabilized covered hay feeder on the market. Don’t be fooled by the imitators that are not made of virgin polyethylene.  This feeder is thicker and heavier which translates into stronger than the other units and is less prone to cold weather cracking.

The Hay Hut cannot rust or corrode and does not require any maintenance unlike the majority of metal feeders in the market place today.

It is interesting to note how well these units stop ‘big bale bickering’ and also how they bring a strong air of calmness and contentedness across the ranch.  With each bale of hay protected from the elements, the horses all know that they have a constant source of fresh forage which tremendously improves their table manners.

When the hayhut is used with a pallet under the hay and the optional hay net, it is the most waste-free feeder on the market making the most of your feeding dollars paying for itself within 1 season.

DIMENSIONS –  84″ deep x 72″ wide x 76″ high
WEIGHT –  240 lbs
MATERIAL – high-density polyethylene for strength and flexibility.
Colour – Forest Green


In what was probably the biggest and most comprehensive scientific trial of horse hay feeders ever carried out in the USA, The University of Minnesota assessed the hay saving performance of nine different types of round bale hay feeders when measured against an unprotected round roll of hay. Find the complete study


Key points from the study…

  • Unprotected feeding costs YOU $2400.00 / year in wasted hay.
  • Feeding with the Hay Hut can reduce that to $240.00 / year in wasted hay.
  • Adding the optional Hay Hut controlled feed net reduces the amount of wasted hay to almost none.

Shipping Dimensions

Weight 240 lbs
Dimensions 46 x 72 x 76in


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