Complete full-featured squeeze chute with a optional manual or self catching auto headgate. Please note that the left-handed manual head gate is standard and the right-handed option must be specified at the time of order.  Left or right-handed operations are determined by facing forward the same way cattle would be facing in the headgate.

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Systems Include:

  1. Squeeze Chute
  2. Your choice of a Manual or Self Catching Auto Head Gate
  3. Palpation Cage
  4. Slick Door
  5. Your choice of a Cleated Rubber Floor or Steel floor.


  • 84” tall x 38” wide x 12’ long.
  • 9’ squeeze chute.
  • 3’ palpation cage.
  • 29” inside width (squeezes to 12”).
  • 40 grease zerks.
  • All panels are a slam latch design.
  • Both sides open completely.
  • Controls can be mounted & ran from either side of your operation

Cleated Rubber Chute Floor
The squeeze chute has a denser, heavier floor that features molded cleats that keep animal’s hoofs from sliding front to rear and side to side. Molded cleats won’t rust and wear out resulting in longer equipment life.

3 Drop Down Doors 
Each door has blinders on them to keep the animal focused in the right direction. Doors go all the way down giving you complete access to the upper 2/3rds of the animal.

12” Injection Door
Our injection door is the largest in the industry, allowing for greater access to the neck area making vaccinations and injections safer and easier for both the animal and the processors.

52” Fiberglass Push Bar
Easily move the animal forward into the squeeze chute. This unique process allows producers to leverage animals forward without having to remove push bar into a new slot.

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Rubber Floor Manual Headgate (left handed option), Rubber Floor Manual Headgate (right handed option), Steel Floor Manual Headgate, Rubber Floor Auto Headgate, Steel Floor Auto Headgate


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