Spartan’s 5th Show

They say only the REAL crazy horse people will go out in sub -20 Degree C weather to compete in a horse show …      … Well here is proof we sponsor one of those Real crazy horse girls … -22 C is the high today, even had some competitors drop out due to the cold, but not our girl. Not only did she compete, she placed 5 – 1sts , 1 second giving her 2 division champion ribbons. Awesome job Cadence. It was so cold … (how cold was it??) … we couldn’t even get nice proper pictures outside so we had to take the pictures in the stall which didn’t have the best lighting.


Also here is a nice brag picture of Cadence’s progress in these divisions.  They are in order of shows from left to right.  We noticed right away the nice transition from different colours to mostly red.