Livestock Equipment Canada is much more than a basic online retail store.

"Most people who work with us or manage an affiliate store, were born on the farm and never left."

    This means we have hundreds of combined years of farming experience in many different areas. We bring all this expertise and knowledge to our custom projects. Do you need a custom aluminum dog kennel system that goes above and beyond the basic wire mesh? ... we have done that ... Do you need something for your livestock to put them on a plane? ... yup, we do that ... How about a penning/inspection system that can handle hundreds of many different types of livestock per day? ... you guessed it, we are doing that too.

    Our capability to survey a project site, take measurements that are accurate to within a fraction of an inch and seamlessly translate those measurements into a three-dimensional computer model of a customer’s whole facility if needed ensures an exact fit of the penning or equipment when delivered to the worksite. By eliminating mistakes, extra wasted materials, and equipment misfits, our capabilities and expertise save you time and money.

    But what if you don't have a large-scale project and only want to do something that is custom fit like a mesh gate that is 6 foot 4.5 inches long with a two-way latch and spring hinges? ... you can not buy that anywhere ... no problem, we do the small jobs also and can get this done exactly how you imagined it in the colour you want. 

    Also if you have an idea of something to build for your farm, but you just don't know how to go about it, give us a call, and we will help.

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