Congrats on the purchase of your brand new Galvanized steel stock tank! We hope you are as excited about it as we are. All our tanks are made of Zinc-coated galvanized steel. While the zinc coating is a great feature that helps extend your tanks' life by keeping them rust-free and clean looking. This guide is an excellent tool for helping maintain your galvanized stock tank, from levelling a surface to tank accessories! 

Keep in mind that the spring time is our very busy time so don't wait till the last minute to order.  We recomend ordering your tank in the winter months so you have it when you want it.

1. It all starts with ordering your tank. Will you transform your backyard into the perfect tropical getaway? Or create the perfect swimming pool for you and your family? The possibilities are endless (and we seriously mean the sky's the limit). So get your tank ordered on our website NOW if you haven't done so yet.

2. If you choose in-store pick-up, one of our staff members will give you a call to confirm when your order is ready for pick-up. Usually within 3 days. If you are considering the shipping option, the price for delivery is calculated in the cart section after you enter your address.  Also keep in mind many of these tanks are large and can not be shipped without special equipment and permits.

3. If you have chosen our delivery option,  once we process your order (usually within 3 days) we will move your order to the scheduling department. Once we have your order scheduled  you will be receiving a phone call before we ship out your order to confirm, Address, time of drop off, and location of drop off (usually within 2 weeks)

4. Now that the order has been placed, what do you do in the meantime before you receive your tank? You can start planning your foundation! Our tanks are big and heavy when filled with water. Some might wonder if it can sit on a wooden deck, but unfortunately not, unless you can (and would) park a pickup truck on your deck. There are many different items you can use for the foundation. Sand and peat moss work wonders! These tanks are designed for livestock, meaning you can even plop them down on the grass, and it will be ok. We have many customers use Mudslabs or paddock slabs to provide a foundation for their tank and the great news is we sell those too. 

5. Now the foundation is figured out, and you got a call from us. When we arrive, our shipping department will be glad to help move the tank into the spot you'd like. Now comes the exciting part! Filling the tank up with water 

6. Once your tank is all filled up, it is ready for enjoyment! Throw a floatie or two in there, or hop in and enjoy your new tank! 


Many questions have been asked regarding the do's and don'ts with stock tanks. 

Can I put Chlorine in my tank? 

The short answer is no. We have added the link here for a blog we made specifically talking about the effects of "Chlorine on galvanized steel." 

Will my tank get hot?

Nope! The tank will only get as hot as the water does. We sell solar covers, which are excellent options for keeping the water temperature up. They are all sold as 10' round pieces but can be cut to size if desired. 

Do I have to worry about my tank rusting? 

Our tanks are made of zinc-coated, galvanized steel, a process that stops rusting and corrosion. 

However those that use these as pools will naturally want to chlorinate them. This is where the problem comes in. Chlorine, Bromine and most other chemicals that keep water clean and clear destroy the zinc coating on the tank, especially when too much is used. So if you plan to chemically treat the water do so with caution and at your own risk. 

Do I need anything else for my tank? 

Nope! There is nothing else that you "HAVE TO HAVE" You can hop right in once it is filled up with water. BUT, as always, there are a million things that you may want to get for it. Solar covers, pumps and filters, decking, lighting (both underwater and overhead). Drainage fittings and valves along with piping to allow the water to be drained safely where you want it to go. Remember, that is a thousand gallons of water your draining onto your lawn if you buy a 10' round tank. 

Can the stock tank be heated? 

Yes! There have been many different ways of plumbing a tank for an external filter or even an inline water heater. 

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