Since our first equipment sale years ago as a brand-new start-up company, we became aware of what would be the most difficult challenge we would face in the future. 

"Shipping our products to your door efficiently."

    There are a billion trucking companies out there, and sometimes we felt like we talked with them all, but each time it boiled down to the cost of shipping our products being too expensive because no one wants to handle these types of items.     Over time we developed partnerships with companies that would haul our full truckloads from the manufacturer to us for very reasonable rates and very efficiently, but that is only half the battle. The basic definition of logistics is ...
"Managing the flow of goods between the origin and the point of consumption to meet customers' requirements."

We realised we were only 1/2 way there and knew what to do, so we started our own trucking company with specialized equipment to handle the other 1/2 efficiently. Back then, we bought a small pickup truck and trailer.     That small truck has since turned into a fleet of trucks ranging from pickups, flatbeds, hot-shots, transports, moffets, four axel trailers, and a full-blown trucking company that handles bulky, oversized items for not just us but anyone who needs this type of item moved. Most of what we carry are odd-shaped, extremely heavy or oversized items that regular carriers will not touch due to the care it takes to handle these types of things safely.     This idea was the answer to our problem. We can now spread the expense of deliveries over multiple items. Doing this allows everyone to individually pay a lot less to get the things they need delivered to their door correctly, safely and most importantly, efficiently, and that is what we set out to do in the beginning.

If you want to reach our shipping department directly, contact them at or call (519)865.8646