How It Started

     A wise person once said, "No matter how far you travel, you will always return home." They weren't wrong. After growing up on a farm, we couldn't wait to leave it and start our life as young adults. The smells, the noises, the responsibilities, THE WORK ... All put behind us. After decades of being away from farm life, it happened. Our children's passion for horses brought us full circle back to farm life, at first co-boarding horses at neighbouring farms, then, owning their own equine friends. This new ownership sent us looking for hard-to-find quality equine and farm products. Genuine help and straightforward, honest information were scarce when first owning a horse, or two, or three, or  … ???? (horse people get this joke!) ... 


     While the west coast and USA have access to high-quality animal handling products, Eastern Canada faces challenges in acquiring such products. Structural integrity, fit, and finish issues are prevalent in many of the available products, with light materials and poor welds causing safety hazards for animals. This experience has led to the development of our core mission statement.

"To continuously raise the standard for quality and innovation in the Canadian livestock industry by sourcing the finest products from around the world and supplying them to Canadians."


     Contacting the manufacturers of these products revealed a need for them to get their products to Eastern Canada. Our entrepreneurial spirit kicked into high gear, and we went to work to see if there was a solution to the problem. After a bunch of research and analysis, we found that no one was operating in this niche. Canada East Supply & Distribution Inc. was officially born. We immediately decided to build a "little website,” which went viral very quickly, confirming what we saw in our research. Who knew so many people were just as tired as we were with the readily available inferior products that have flooded the Canadian marketplace and were looking for alternative, quality items? The website grew, and our business grew. 

     Canada East Supply and Distribution Inc. has undergone a significant transformation from an Eastern Canadian distributor only to a Canada-wide distributor, adapting and rebranding itself to "Livestock Equipment Canada." The company's growth was fueled by the establishment of a niche online e-commerce space that has "stores", enabling smaller feed and tack stores to access products and venture into e-commerce affordably. This evolution reflects the company's commitment to expanding its reach and providing quality products in the livestock industry.


     Livestock Equipment Canada, based in Waterford, Ontario, is a family-owned business supplying unique and hard-to-find items to vendor stores across Canada. Their product range spans from small animals like rabbits and chickens to large livestock such as bulls and horses. The company sources, imports, and manufactures high-quality equipment selected for its utility and durability. They prioritize product quality over offering cheap items and conduct thorough research and testing to ensure customer satisfaction. Livestock Equipment Canada has also initiated a nationwide vendor program to enhance product availability and support for customers. For more information about store locations or the vendor program, visit their website.


     Many Livestock Equipment Canada products are oversized and cumbersome, requiring special equipment for efficient delivery. We have invested in logistics solutions to get these items to your door efficiently. See our logistics page detailing our shipping process. We also provide a shipping calculator in our cart section to estimate delivery costs upfront. 


     Livestock Equipment Canada works with experienced professionals from store and manufacturer levels with lifelong farming industry expertise. This enables us to leverage hundreds of cumulative years of knowledge and skills covering nearly all livestock farming areas. We also provide in-store and on-site consultation services, offering a fresh perspective on operations to help customers work smarter. Our farming industry expertise facilitates our customers efficient livestock operations.


     Not a problem. Just give us a call. Our customer service team has a ton of experience and knowledge about many products, and just because we don't have something on our website doesn't mean we don't have access to it. We also provide custom-made solutions through our research and design team, ensuring that customers' specific needs are met with tailored designs and manufacturing. This comprehensive approach allows for the creation of livestock equipment that aligns precisely with individual requirements, enhancing the overall customer experience. Livestock Equipment Canada's commitment to personalized solutions reflects its dedication to meeting diverse customer needs in the livestock industry.


     Becoming a Livestock Equipment Canada affiliate offers a full web based business management system with CRM, full E-Commerce and much more. Affiliates can benefit from the company's expansion, bringing quality solutions to areas without nearby stores. This presents a great business opportunity for those interested in partnering with Livestock Equipment Canada to increase the availability of their products in underserved regions. For more details on this affiliate program, visit their affiliate opportunity page on their website 


If you want to reach out and talk with someone at our head office, please call 1(800)962.1606 

If you have product inquiries, please contact the store nearest you.